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The Real Agave

Agave’s Honey Water produces beautifully complex Mezcal Wines including the best known variety, Tequila. (more…)

The Race for the Mint!!

As The first Saturday of May Rapidly Approaches, The Kentucky Derby Lights Up Louisville and The Time Honored Mint Julep Comes Back into Season.


Chocolate and Wine for your Valentine

When you want the perfect pairing for the perfect pair

While the chocolate lover’s tooth and the oenophile’s palate might seem incompatible to some, many who appreciate the one find a way to love the other as well. (more…)

When Scotch Arrives in Mississippi

For generations Scotch Whisky connoisseurs have learned to recognize and interpret intricate flavors in Scotch Whisky.

In the Atlantic on an island shared with England lies a country roughly the size of Maine.  It is a land known for bagpipes and kilts, where the unicorn is the national animal and the beer is extra potent.  Then, when your hunger overcomes, haggis can be counted on as a staple.  The country is, of course, Scotland, and it is the proper home of Scotch Whisky.

A Taste of Kentucky in Mississippi!

Mississippians Have Long Been Fans Of Kentucky, And It Isn’t Just The Kentucky Derby That Has Inspired Us.  That’s Right, It’s Bourbon! (more…)

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