Vintage Wine Market wants to make the enjoyment of wine, with or without food, easy, fun and rewarding while providing the best possible shopping experience. We want our customers, the wine aficionado or the absolute novice, to feel comfortable in a relaxed tasteful atmosphere. We encourage you to come in, ask questions and browse through our well-chosen selection of wines and


Let us take a fresh look at the enjoyment of wine! Everybody knows what style they want and so we organize wines according to their body and style, rather than varietal or place of origin. We do not attempt to describe the flavors of each wine, but rather give you a reference point with which to orient yourself. Our selections are presented in distinct style categories to help you choose the right wine for any food, mood, or occasion. While we take what we do seriously, first and foremost, we believe shopping for wine should be as much fun as drinking it! We chose to create these categories because we believe that it encourages you to try something new discovering remarkable wines, great values and often untouched treasures that would otherwise be overlooked.

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